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Cabot Wrenn can take our standard products and adjust them to the your specifications. In addition, we can take a product that you've designed/produced and duplicate it with our own techniques. Frame shop plant manager, Dennis Lockhart states, "We've done specialized custom work such as using different logos, including the University of Chicago and Phoenix. We can carve logos or do etchings, such as what we did with the Baltimore Ravens and Texas Longhorns." One special project, for the state of Louisiana, involved duplicating handmade originals to certain specifications.

Cabot Wrenn also does a great deal of size modification such as shortening chairs, deepening backs and widening depths--whatever it takes to suit your needs. Modifications to legs on certain styles can also be made, such as adding or deleting casters or switching out wood to metal legs. Exposed wood pieces can be converted to upholstery. There is handwork and attention to detail, assembly technique, joinery and a large commitment to inventory. Cabot Wrenn is proud to offer an extensive variety of custom work.