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In working to reduce waste, sustain resources, support recycling, and eliminate harmful chemicals, Cabot Wrenn takes active, tangible steps to preserve our environment.
Our primary material, wood, is fundamental to everything we do. Fortunately, it is the most readily available, and easily renewable resource. It also has the added benefit of being the only resource with a carbon negative footprint. All of our wood is harvested from sustainable forests.
We utilize non-toxic finishing materials that are virtually free of all volatile organic compound emissions, as well as Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS). All these materials boast low emissions designed to reduce off gassing in order to preserve the air we breathe.
Every upholstery piece is produced using foam that is free of harmful fluorocarbons; all foams used are PBDE, TCDPP, TCEP and formaldehyde free. Every scrap of foam generated is sent back to the supplier for recycling. We have joined with several fabric suppliers to offer top quality upholstery, which is also environmentally friendly. Momentum®, CF Stinson®, Maharam® and Mayer® are just a few of the suppliers we work with to provide textiles made of up to 100% recyclable materials that are also 100% recyclable/compostable and PVC-free.
Our glue is water-based and environmentally friendly; all bases and metal components contain recycled material and are 100% recyclable; our factories employ energy efficient lighting; recycled paper is used for our literature and price list. No measure is too small.
The determination doesn’t stop with manufacturing, but extends to the packaging and transporting of our product. All of our corrugated packaging material is up to 100% recycled content and 96% post-consumer recycled content. Working directly in a combined effort with local partners, we have diverted tons of waste from our landfills. We also encourage the use of carriers that promote cleaner, more fuel efficient transportation to lessen fumes exhausted into the air from transporting our product.
At Cabot Wrenn, we take great pride in being a good steward of our resources as we strive to protect and sustain the environment for everyone present and future.